PETITION for the attention of AGRI Committee MEPs

For a total ban on neonicotinoid pesticides in Europe

Dear MEPs,

On January 23rd, you will be called on in AGRI Committee to vote on the Draft Report "Prospects and challenges for the EU apiculture sector".

This Report is an opportunity to act against the dramatic decline in bee populations, which are dying in their hundreds of millions each year in Europe, which is imperiling the integrity of our ecosystems and threatens our food production.

It was to this end that your AGRI Comittee colleague, Maria Lidia Senra Rodriguez MEP, submitted the amendments 194, 195 and 394 proposed by POLLINIS, aimed at ridding Europe of one of the principal causes of bee mortality: neonicotinoid pesticides.

These pesticides, however, denounced in hundreds of scientific studies, remain on the market in Europe, weakening bee colonies, disrupting their central nervous system and leaving them vulnerable to diseases and parasites. It is unacceptable that bees, and with them our food and our health, are put in danger in order to satisfy the short-term interests of a few agrochemical companies which produce and sell these products.

Therefore, I ask you, in my capacity as a European citizen directly concerned by this tragedy, to adopt the amendments 194, 195 and 394 submitted by Ms Senra in order to help ensure a ban on all neonicotinoid pesticides in Europe, without condition or restriction.

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Déjà 142 600 signatures, aidez-nous à atteindre les 200 000!

Déjà 189 157 signatures, aidez-nous à atteindre les 200 000!

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